Filter Element

Paper Blitz. Maximum filtering.

The filter element of Seineca’s Oil Filters is called Paper Blitz®, which guarantees maximum quality to retain impurities and particles. It is treated, corrugated and pleated completely homogeneous. Its structure allows the engine to work with less early damage and ensures a better performance of the vehicle.

Maximum filtering, more economic and safe.

Quality and perfect air conditioning.

Air Filters Seineca are produced with high quality materials and precision and ideal conditions of temperature. Thus its elements keeps the flexibility and controlled expansion, ensuring greater protection for the engine.

This differential Seineca ensures a reduction of up to 20% excess of Polyurethane (PU), avoiding extra remains on the filtering area.

Less impurities in the air, more engine efficiency.

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Filter area made according to the patterns of the car manufacturers.

The air filters are made with the exactly measurers, inside of the patterns of the automobile assemblers. No need to force, just fit. We have a team of technical specialists who oversee each stage of production, ensuring the precise parameters that the market demands.

Easy to install.


Filtering area it’s accordance with the requirements of the market.