Filter Element

Paper Blitz®. Maximum filtering.

The filter element of Seineca’s Oil Filters is called Paper Blitz®, which guarantees maximum quality to retain impurities and particles. It is treated, corrugated and pleated completely homogeneous. Its structure allows the engine to work with less early damage and ensures a better performance of the vehicle.

Maximum filtering, more economic and safe.

Multi, Specific and Eco

Inside of excellence

The solid experience of Seineca in the production of filters allows you to create products with high quality materials in all models of the line: Multi, Specific and Eco.
All the excellence in oil filters appropriated to your needs for all king of vehicles.

Excellence and quality in high-precision materials.

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Tubular metal support.

Designed to support more fluidity, it facilitates the passage of the filtered oil.

Safety Valve
Even when the saturation of the paper occurs the safety valve allows the engine to keep lubricated, freeing the passage of unfiltered oil.

Check valve or non-return valve
It keeps efficiently inside the oil filter, when starting the engine.