Manufacturing auto parts that enhance your vehicle's performance.

Automotive filters and constant velocity joints,  and aftermarket sensors, produced for you to reach every destination successfully.
Seineca Internacional
We are present in over 80 countries, serving as the trusted global solution for various brands and auto parts.
We offer a comprehensive and professionally crafted line of automotive filters and c.v joints, as well as aftermarket sensors and wiper blades, all of high quality.
Connecting parts
We design parts to meet and exceed expectations, connecting superior components and raw materials.
Super Certified
We adhere to rigorous standards of quality and safety. Highly approved by major automobile manufacturers.

Understand how we enhance our production capacity.

Technology Investment
We have adopted automation technologies to enhance the efficiency and productivity of our production lines.
Process Optimization
We implement a quality management system to enhance production efficiency.
Diversification of Production
We invest in research and development of various parts for different vehicle models.
Raw Material Acquisitions
We ensure a stable and reliable supply of raw materials that enhance production efficiency

Trusted and Authorized by Automakers

We strive to ensure that our products meet the demands of automakers and the standards of consumers.

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